General Contractor License #1245

Services we provide include:

  • General Contracting & Construction Management
  • Pre-Construction (Budgeting, Value Engineering, Scheduling, Etc.)
  • Metal Building Construction

Various Project Delivery Methods
Design-Bid-Build (DBB) – This is a traditional bid project.  The owner hires an architect to design the project, which is then competitively bid by general contractors, and the owner selects a contractor based upon the bid results.

Cost Plus with a GMP – This is the traditional negotiated agreement between the General Contractor and a private owner where the Contractor is selected on merit and provides all pre-construction and general contracting services under this contract.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) – The owner selects a Construction Manager (CM) on merit and the CM acts as a consultant to the owner during the development and design phases while working with the owner’s architect.  All work is organized into bid packages and this work is performed by pre-approved subcontractors through a competitively bid and publicly opened process. This is generally used for publicly funded projects enabling public entities the benefit of bringing a CM into the process early for cost control, budgeting, logistics, and design feedback.

Design-Build (DB) – The owner selects a general contractor on merit, and the contractor hires the Design Team .  The GC provides both the design and construction under one contract.

Various Contract Formats
Stipulated Sum (Agreement Between Owner and Contractor)  – This is a lump sum, fixed price contract

Cost of the Work Plus a Fee with or without a Guaranteed Maximum Price (Agreement Between Owner and Contractor) ) – This is typically used in a negotiated project between H&M Constructors and a private entity such as a private college or business and does not involve a public entity or public funding.

Cost of the Work Plus a Fee with or without a Guaranteed Maximum Price  (Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor)– This is typically used in a CMAR project and generally involves H&M Constructors as a Construction Manager working with a public entity and involves public funding.  State and county projects can benefit from this method in lieu of the stipulated sum option as noted above.

Agreement Between Owner and Design-Builder (DB) – This type of negotiated contract could be written as either a Stipulated Sum or as Cost of the Work Plus a Fee.