MB HAYNES is the parent company of H&M Constructors.  With nearly 700 employees and ten separate divisions under one MB Haynes corporate roof, H&M Constructors has a lot of resources available covering all aspects of construction.  That being said, H&M Constructors and all of its sister companies are very careful to maintain a professional separation which reflects our vision and commitment to provide an ethical approach to business.  We have successfully navigated this for decades.  Our local subcontractor base trust and respect this commitment.   If you think about it, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business if we crossed the line.

What does this mean to you? 

For other General Contractors that compete for business with H&M Constructors, it means that our other divisions don’t share proprietary or confidential information with their sister companies.

For Subcontractors that quote H&M and also compete with our sister companies, H&M Constructors doesn’t share proprietary or confidential information internally.

For Owners it means that you truly get the best of both worlds…deep resources that are available to you as well as competitive pricing from external subcontractors along with our in-house divisions.

Here are some real world examples:

  • We don’t share quotes with any subs prior to finalizing a bid, and our sister companies don’t ask.
  • We don’t bid shop.  If you send us your proposal for a bid, we honor that price and scope.
  • If our sister companies are working with another General Contractor on a confidential project, they don’t share info on that project, and H&M Constructors doesn’t ask.
  • Out-of-town General Contractors & Subcontractors can rest assured that they will get a straight-up deal when they bid or work with MB HAYNES Corporation.  Our continued business success depends on it.

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Greg Borden – Senior Vice President

Eric Jones – Vice President

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