Care Partners – New Patient Wing and Therapy Pavilion

This CarePartners project gives these healthcare professionals much needed tools to help those struggling from life-changing injuries or illnesses.  New patient rooms, an inviting new lobby and family sitting area with a fireplace all flow to an outside patio – areas all designed for those needing comfort during a stressful time.  Admin areas include a nurse’s station along with support space and offices.  The new pavilion is a physical therapy oasis enabling the hard work of rehab to be done in abundant natural lighting using full height windows on three sides and a skylight in the center.  The additions tie into the existing building at four different locations, providing convenient access from the rest of the facility.

The project features stonework installed to match the look and style of the stone on the original clinic building on the site, the old Reed mansion which housed the Asheville Orthopedic Home, first opening in 1939.